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2015-2016 concert schedule

Sunday 9/13 6pm
Salute to America

Friday 10/23 7:30pm
The Colors of Sound

Friday 12/11 7:30pm
Holiday Concert

Friday 2/26 7:30pm
Celebrating Song and Dance
Minerva DeLand

Friday 4/29 7:30pm
Space and Beyond
Fairport High School

Thursday 6/2 7:00pm
Fairport Gazebo concert

Saturday 6/4 1:30pm
Fairport Canal Days



Welcome to the

Perinton Concert Band

Outstanding Band Music in the Rochester Area of Western New York since 1977.




We hope you can join us at our next concerts.

Fairport Gazebo Concert
June 2 at 7pm

Fairport Canal Days
June 4 at 1:30pm




Current issue is Winter 2016

ALLEGRO is the official newsletter for the Perinton Concert Band.
It is published twice or more a year, depending on circumstances.
The normal months for publication are September and February.
The newsletter is intended primarily for the members of the band and contains
interesting, music-related articles and schedules for upcoming rehearsals and concerts.





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